The Gist

Brandon Silveira is one of the most talented singer songwriters since the birth of Christ.  His music is admired by hundreds across many many counties and even two states.  His magical voice has the ability to sound both flat, and sharp, at what seems simultaneous, all while only mildly irritating the ears of the listener. This creates one of the most unique listening experiences one can ever imagine.  He has graced the stages of many very large, over rated, mildly talented acts, and even a few under rated, wildly talented artist.  Residing in Gods Country, California. Brandon sings with a unique tone derived from too much whiskey and field dust that is usually pleasurable to most people over the age of 65.  Brandon's music has been compared by leading industry professionals and publications as being a rebirth of the "Bakersfield Sound"  but that's because most of these people have no fucking clue what actual sound from Bakersfield made up the Bakersfield Sound.  

Brandon's musical influences caused him to write and sing true country songs that are not horrible. This against the grain approach at country music was a slap in the face to Nashville's "must suck and and must be terrible at singing and writing" norm the city has so widely accepted. 

Tragically, Brandon left Nashville to never be seen on stage again.  It's rumored he still holds concerts daily in his truck but no confirmed witnesses have came forward to legitimize these accounts.  This leaves most true country fans to wonder, will he come out of hiding to save country music? Or is country music dead forever?